Monday, August 20, 2007

Losing Grip.!

For some of you, the title may sound bit murky, but I think it’s the most sanguine and introspective title I could ever think of. If you know you are loosing hold of something you actually know what was under your control and probably today the inevitability of being successful is to know that. Right from our childhood we have been following, may be not the safest but the already traversed path, enstrangled in the same beliefs and processes which our predecessors followed, assuming to get the same life which they got, ignorant of the life which we want out of ourselves. I am not saying everyone has to be an iconoclast and the system is not legitimate, but out of booming percentage of people why only few come out as bohemian! Why in spite of achieving good grades and hefty job profile, we still think something is out of control, why the joy seems incomplete sometimes! Something is LOST..
May be we never knew what is required, may be we still don’t know what defines the criterion of possessing something. What we gain from this world; be it relationships, be it material success, everything sometimes seems to be going away from us as if we are LOSING GRIP! So can you control them from being lost, or will you be plagued with this disguised fear all the time.
So, the bottom-line of the situation here is what do we actually possess? Do we often ask that question to ourselves, have we ever tried to find what do we want from our life, did we ever tried to question our integrity with our own self…or in other words DO WE POSSESS OUR SELF? For most of us the question may seem irrelevant and may be contemptible, but the irony of the situation is the crux of all our fears lie in the answers to these questions. We are afraid of losing because we dictate the idea of possession in terms of what we’ve lost and never in terms of what we have!
As soon as we realize this fact that we are Losing grip of our own self, half of our battle against that fear is already won. So, take your time, think, work and fight to get that veracity in your life and be the leader of your own life and see how all our fears will go away! And we will come out as BOHEMIAN, may be not for the society but surely for our own self.